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CybrrCat Seminars & Training Courses

CybrrCat Productions! offers many types of seminars, credit courses, and classes. J. Pennelope Goforth, who has Bachelor's degree in photojournalism and a Master's in electronic publishing, specializes in creating dynamic custom courses and presentations for companies and organizations. Some of her many clients include school districts, the military, telephone companies, the visitor industry and Native corporations. She has been a featured presenter for the past four years at the statewide computer technology conference, COMTECH.

She delivers lively presentations using an interactive MSPowerPoint slide show accompanied by handouts and additional resources. Based on the needs of the client, she often builds a Web-based training component to engage students in the technology. Whether it involves teaching employees and staff a new software program or demonstrating the use of the latest technology for the enterprise, CybrrCat makes learning fun!

Here are the titles of some recently developed and delivered seminars and courses:

HTML: The Language of the Web
This course teaches basic WWW HyperText Mark Up Language (HTML) based on the W3C adopted standards for version 4.0. Students are expected to have basic computer and Internet knowledge. Beginning with a basic overview of the Internet and hypertext markup language and how it has evolved, students will be given hands-on instruction building tables, pages, importing data files, simple forms, links and image maps. The elements of HTML including text, graphics, will be explored. Copyright issues in the electronic media will also be covered. Students will be expected to build and demonstrate a web site incorporating HTML elements covered, read a book and prepare and deliver a report on it.
How NOT To Crash Your Best Friend's Computer: Email Etiquette
This seminar explains how e-mail originated and how we can best utilize it connect with each other in our personal and business lives-in a polite, responsible and effective manner. Whether you are new to the Internet or an experienced Netizen, this is your opportunity to learn the protocols, applications, techniques and tips of the best practices of email communication.This seminar covers attachments and how to use them easily and safely; avoiding viruses and passing them along; dealing with spam, creating a signature file; managing your address book; sharing links; sending graphics; encryption and more.
Starting a Business Online
This seminar shows how to take your business online whether you already have a store or are thinking about starting up a business. Beginning with a basic overview of the commercial aspects of the Internet, the seminar covers strategy and planning to help you decide if the Internet is an appropriate place for your type of business. You will learn how to integrate current business practices such as marketing and customer service, communication and even assisting your employees to do their jobs. You’ll learn about the costs of going online, how your business can use the Internet in a cost-effective way, and ways to market your products and services efficiently. (back to the top)
How Your Non-Profit Can Profit from the Internet
This seminar covers the many ways non-profit organizations can utilize the power of the WWW including: advocacy, fund raising, communications, strategizing, researching, outreach, membership services, education, public relations, technical assistance, and more. Beginning with a basic overview of the Internet, the seminar explores how non-profits can increase their membership and income, improve their visibility, offer value-added services to their members and supporters and make effective use of information technologies in cyberspace. Plus, participants will gain a solid understanding of the costs and benefits as well as the challenges and skills necessary to create and maintain an online presence to promote their organization and its goals. (back to the top)
Theory and Use of Virtual Classrooms (Web-Based Training)
This course covers the theory and use of virtual classrooms as instructional aids. We visit a variety of virtual classrooms on the Internet for several grade levels from elementary to university. Several courseware applications are examined and compared. Then we actually build a functioning virtual classroom with a chat room, bulletin board, syllabus, course notes, and so on. This course also covers uploading the site to the school server, making changes and updating the course material. The course explores how to track student progress, and possibilities for using virtual classrooms as distance delivery tools. This course is not about creating a curriculum, rather it is about translating curricula into the multimedia environment. Educators are expected to bring their own curricula to use in the course. Handouts include a list of resourceful URLs, glossary, and manual for construction of the virtual classroom.
Staying on the Path: Conducting Research on the Internet
This 12 hour course introduces users to specialized Internet research techniques. Beginning with a basic overview of the structure of the Internet, students are given hands-on instruction with user interfaces, learn how to maximize search tools such as engines, gopher, Veronica, etc., as well as manipulate elementary utilities such as FTP, TELNET, and compression. Handling research material effectively within file structures and citing electronic sources in APA style are covered as well as procedures for communicating and networking.

CybrrCat Productions! also teaches many software applications from ClarisWorks to MicroSoft Office applications to graphic art programs like Adobe PhotoShop, PageMaker, ImageStyler and others. We can produce customized training courses tailored to your needs.

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